Fergusson Intermediate School Board of Trustees 2016 – 2019

The Board, at their most recent meeting on 1 March, went through their annual process of electing the Board Chair.  Rhys West indicated that due to work commitments he would prefer to stand down from this role, and accordingly nominations were called for.  Congratulations go to Ros Connelly who was duly elected to the position and who has now taken up the role.  Our thanks go to Rhys for his sterling work in establishing what was essentially a new Board following last year’s election.  Rhys will thankfully, continue to serve as a member of the Board.

The Board meets at 6pm on a Wednesday, usually twice a term. Members of our school community are most welcome to attend. Dates for the meetings are advertised in the School Newsletter and on the calendar of this website. It is helpful if you advise us of your intention to attend so that we can provide you with a set of papers for that meeting.

Please feel free to contact the Chairperson or Principal with governance matters.


Ros Connelly



Paul Patterson

Staff elected Trustee

John Steere


Community elected Trustees


Mark Bier

Rhys West

Liz Gainsford



BoT Meetings 2017 

All meetings will be at 6 pm in the Library

Term 2 

24 May

21 June


Term 3

16 August

13 September


Term 4

8 November

6 December

13 December (Self Review)