Welcome to Fergusson Intermediate

Fergusson Intermediate was opened in 1966 by the Governor General Sir Bernard Fergusson, later Lord Ballantrae.

His influence has been marked – not only does the school bear his name, both the crest and motto also originate from the Fergusson Clan.

The motto “Dulcius ex Asperis”means “Sweeter because of Difficulty” and relates to the crest which shows a bee trying to get nectar from a thistle. In the school context this means that the harder you strive, the greater the rewards and that difficult goals are worth attaining.

We are a U5 school with a roll of approximately 445 students.  We have 15 composite Year 7 and Year 8 classes.  These classes are organised into four syndicates each of which is led by a Senior Teacher.  Our students, in the main are drawn from Trentham, Silverstream and Pinehaven.