At Fergusson there are three things we focus on:

Growing Great Citizens, Student Achievement, Student Involvement

Our curriculum is built around a key focus for each term.  Natural links are made between school goals, key competencies, values and principles.  Student inquiry is fostered and authentic contexts are used to take into account current local, national and worldwide events.  We provide a wealth of opportunities that engage, motivate and extend our students.  These include focuses on Leadership, PE/Sport, Technology and The Arts.  Our 21st century classrooms and environments give us the opportunity to promote collaboration, creativity and the inclusion of ICT across the curriculum.

Code of Conduct


In our school we respect, help and support each other.

WE: Use appropriate language, engage in appropriate behaviour and are courteous to everyone.

In our school every student has the right to a safe environment in which to learn and play.

WE: Ensure we are not involved in any form of bullying.


In our school we take care of property.

WE: Take responsibility for the state of our desks, furniture and equipment, and look after our new classrooms and school grounds.

In our school every student has a right to learn and every teacher has a right to teach.

WE: Respect the rights of others and do our very best to stay on task.


In our school we make the most of Opportunities offered to us in leadership and learning.

WE: Take part, get involved and fulfil the commitments we make to others.