At Fergusson Intermediate we use the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) initiative to promote positive behaviour and create inclusive learning environments that foster well-being and achievement for all students.

PB4L is built on the principles that positive behaviour can be learnt and that environments can be changed to support effective teaching and learning for all students.  PB4L helps to foster positive behaviour, strengthen relationships, and increase student well-being by creating caring, inclusive learning environments.  Research shows that such environments have positive effects on students’ behaviour, resilience, learning and achievement.

PB4L takes the approach that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if:

·        the school environment is positive and supportive

·        expectations are consistently clear

·        students are consistently taught desired behaviours

·        students are consistently acknowledged for desired behaviours and undesirable behaviours are responded to in a fair and equitable way

The PB4L initiative takes at least 3-5 years to put in place. Over this time, we will hope to see:

·        incidents of problem behaviour decline

·        the behaviour of students improve

·        teachers spending more time teaching

·        students more engaged and achieving

At Fergusson we want to continue to develop a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life.

Fergusson Intermediate PB4L Purpose Statement

The Purpose of PB4L at Fergusson Intermediate is to continue to develop a mutually respectful environment that promotes social interaction and student engagement in learning.  Through consistent modelling, acknowledging, and teaching of positive behaviours in a variety of different contexts, we will provide a quality environment where the school community continues to focus on raising student achievement and developing great citizens.