Arts and Cultural Programmes

A  core classroom programme in Art, Music, Dance and Drama is developed by specialised teaching in these areas.

An Arts Enrichment Programme which is timetabled each Wednesday, enables all students who have a particular interest or talent to participate in a range of options which include:

  • Visual Art Extension
  • School Band
  • Drama Club
  • Dance Troupe
  • School Choir
  • Kapa haka
  • Poly Group
  • Ukulele Group

All our performance groups work towards performances within and beyond our school community.


Our aim is for students to develop broad technological literacy that will equip them to participate in society as informed citizens.  We provide students with a wide range of technological experiences based on the three technology strands of the  New Zealand Curriculum.  Students learn how to investigate, design and create solutions to problems that are relevant to their lives and interests.

Technology/Arts Lessons at Fergusson Intermediate

10 x 1 and a half hour lessons in separate Year 7 and 8 groups.  The students will cover the following: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Food Technology and Design Technology.

4 x 1 and a half hour lessons in mixed Year 7 and 8 groups.  The students will cover the following: ICT, Fabrics, Performing Arts and Design Technology.