Our Curriculum

The ‘core’ curriculum, often taught through integrated theme studies, is delivered in the main, by classroom teachers.

Specialist teachers in Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Drama and Technology provide programmes which develop and extend students in these areas.

 Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral component of all learning areas with the development and enhancement of the Inquiry and Problem Solving learning processes a key focus.

Google Apps for Education, supports the integration of ICT across the curriculum and is engaging and motivating for our students.

All classrooms are equipped with data projectors and other technologies are available for students including  pods of chromebooks, netbooks, desktop computers, digital cameras and digital video cameras.

For more information, see the Online learning & technology section.


Enrichment options

An extensive range of Enrichment Options are available and participation and contributing is encouraged for all of our students.

These options are supplementary to and supportive of the New Zealand Curriculum and include:

Performing and Visual Arts

  • Choir
  • School Bands
  • Dance
  • Kapa Haka
  • Pacifica Group

For more information, see the Arts & Technology section.

Fergy Sports

Fergusson Intermediate believe in providing students with opportunities to participate and experience a range of different sports.  The Fergy Sport concept is based on providing students with an opportunity to further refine skills and understanding in a sport of their choice.

The school has decided to use their Kiwi Sport funding to engage outside agencies to provide students with additional expertise, thus further developing their engagement and participation, and refining their understanding of the sport.

The Fergy Sport programme runs on a Thursday afternoon during Terms 2. Students get to choose a sport they would like to participate in for eight weeks.
There are a range of different options available for students to choose from such us Volleyball, Girls and Boys Rugby, AFL, Ultimate Frisbee, Girls and Boys Football, Netball, Hockey, Cheerleading, Dodge Ball, Orienteering, Ki O Rahi, Basketball, Indoor Bowls, Squash, Gym Sport, Horse Riding and Mountain Biking to name but a few.

Leadership opportunities

  • Environment Team
  • Student Council
  • Lunchtime Sports Referees
  • Librarians
  • Arts Ambassadors

For more information, see the Student leadership page.


During their two years  at Fergusson all students have the opportunity to experience learning in a range of languages. Options include Spanish, Japanese, French,Te Reo, German, Italian, Latin and Sign Language.

Learning Support

We currently employ an extra teacher who, along with teacher aides, provides support programmes primarily in Literacy, for students requiring extra assistance.

The RTLB (Resource Teachers for Learning & Behaviour) Service and GSE (Group Special Education) provide additional support for students and teachers when necessary.

For more information, please see the Learning Support section.

Learning Extension Programmes

Students who display a particular aptitude and/or talent in a specific area may be invited to participate in an Extension Programme designed to further cultivate these strengths.

These programmes vary according to determined needs but include:

  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • ICT
  • Visual Art
  • Design Technology
  • Leadership

For more information, please see the Learning Extension section.