Mad Hatters Tea Party

December 7, 2017


This year the drama club’s performance was The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party form Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. A number of students auditioned for roles and the final actors and crew were:

Alice                                       Maia Simpson

Mad Hatter                            Seejay Harawira

March Hare                           Stacey Duncan (filled in for Stevie Heyes)

Dormouse                            Sam Woolcott

White Rabbit                         Jared Nicol

Cheshire cat                         Caleb Allen

Kitten                                      Lara Holt

Alice’s sister                         Sherryann Cossar

Narrator                                 Jesse Bier


Stage manager                    Nathan Smith

Lighting                                 JP Opperman

Makeup                                  Isla Radley, Sakura McNabb